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For Sale: Various long net and net making equipment


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I’m still clearing out the garage and have decided I’m not going to be making any more nets at the moment so I’ve got for sale my net making bits and bobs. And pre made nets.

4 x Norwegian net needles £10
6x Standard net needles £10
Half finished long net which I measure at about 50 metres this needs finishing (if you want it longer) and I would put double selvage top and bottom mesh on before putting the running lines through. This is obviously optional though. This is green and brown as I find netting at night the colour change often slips them up. This will come with the mesh gauge, over 2 and half spools of twine, light green Running lines and end pins. A great project for someone. Or can be used as it is now. This is tied with spun polyester which doesn’t have the stretch of spun nylon. I think £60 is a very good price for all of that.

Approx 2 1/2 spools of spun polyester purse net twine. With rings and mesh and Half a spook of dark green lines £30

2x100 metres of made up 4z netting. This is fine for ferreting Or cutting down to make purse nets with.But in my opinion better for night netting as it makes sure The rabbits really get tangled up in it if they’re moving slowly. This needs running lines and end pins on. I think I’ve got a spool of braided lines for that But need to keep looking.I
Sold all my made up night netting equipment a few years ago. Bit for night netting I used to use either this or handmade nets. I’d normally tie in the bagging to make it easier but this isn’t essential. £25 for both

I’ve got a selection of bodkins and other Bits and pieces which I’ll throw in with whatever it best suits.I’d prefer collection from Crowborough East Sussex but happy to send
All of this is very well priced to clear but I’d be open to an offer for the lot


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