varmint loads for 6.5x55


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i have just brought some h414 and while i was there saw some 95grain v-max cheep ish so got them too... and was just wondering what would be the best amount of powder as i cant find any where about the 95 grain for 6.5x55 i have federal, Winchester, and Norma brass i can use and cci primers. any help would be helpful....

​thanks charles


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Do yourself a favour and get a copy of "The Complete Reloading Manual for the 6.5x55". From memory they are less than a tenner. If there's nowhere local give Reloading Solutions or Hannams a ring. Load data from all the powder & bullet manufacturers including COL's.


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thanks muir, i dont surppose you would know or be able to find out what the best oal would be?

There is no best OAL. Start with the parallel sides of the bullet seated to the base of the neck. Work outward if that doesn't suit you. You most likely won't be able to become a Lander* with that light a bullet so you might as well take advantage of all that neck and the precision with which your dies aligned it to the case body.~Muir

PS: The Hodgdon site lists "C.O.L" for the 100 grain and the 85 grain. It's only .015" apart. Split the difference if it makes you feel better.

(*"Lander" : Someone who frets about how many thou the bullet is off of the lands)
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