Vauxhall adam disks


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Evening all,just had the wife's car in for an mot (first one) and the garage has said she needs new brake pads and new disks.
I nearly spat my coffee out when they mentioned disks!
The car has done 22k and I was surprised that they would need new disks with such low milage on the clock.
She booked it into one of these franchise garages where they do tyres and mots quite cheap and quickly, much to my annoyance as I usually sort out this kind of thing out for her at a local garage.
Any mechanics on here that think 22k is low mileage for the disks to be replaced or is it more of how long is a piece of string.
Atb Dave
Ps she ain't no rally driver!


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Modern sintered pad material means that brake disc lifespan may be less than it used to be, but the Quikfit type places will always try to turn a coin where possible. Can you measure the thickness yourself and compare to the manufacturers specifications?


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Defiantly not uncommon nowadays but they do have to be bad to fail mot. The pads 1.5 mm or less otherwise its advised only and the disc's need to be fairly badly worn. Toddy


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Been through quite a few discs and pads on track days. Cheap non original parts are a false economy resulting in replacing far far sooner than standard. Go on the appropriate forum to determine whats best, buy privately and get someone to fit.

Without being rude, my Mrs is heavy on the brakes as she has no forsight utelising coasting to reduce speed.

Anyway, not being funny but would be over the moon if my car lasted 22k without a disc change! :rolleyes:


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In my experience it's a fairly common scam. I had exactly the same scenario with a Fiesta having it's last service prior to the 1st MOT. Approx 20K miles and missus was informed that the front discs were 70% worn out and it would be £270+ to replace them!! I spoke to Service manager and I said they could replace them under warranty. Err no, I would have to pay for them. Will it pass MOT I asked?--yes. I said fine, leave the same discs on and I'll use some of the 30% that is still available. The brake discs were fine for the next 3 MOT's although I did replace the pads--cost about £45 if I recall correctly!:mad:


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Thanks for the reply fellas:thumb:
My Skoda is on 43k and on its original disks so just thought it a bit suss that the wife's need replacing at 22k!


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Original discs (fronts) should be doing at least 80k before they need a change (rears longer) on the basis that the pads don’t wear to metal on metal or score the aforementioned.

When you run your finger on the outer edge of the disc how much of a lip can you feel roughly in mm? If it’s more than 1.5mm then yes, something is array - also, have the pads worn more on one side than the other? That could indicate a stuck balancer, which might be worth exploring under warranty?

Beware discount MOT places - they have to make their money somehow and get creative with their reasons - even main dealers try it on playing on the misconception of all independents being rip-off merchants - the corporates are the worst!

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Yes discs - not pads - size of car doesn’t matter but if you drive like you’re at Brands Hatch each day then that will indeed shorten the life!
I have literally never seen more than 45k, I used to do a lot of lease cars aswell as cars that hit the 3 year old mark and virtually every one needed discs? The size of the car has a big difference, a 3 tonne pick up would need them more regularly as a pose to a Nissan micro however I agree if your doing brands hatch every day you would need them a lot sooner!


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I had a set of discs on a porche last for 25 years and 90k miles, even then they were enough to pass the MOT. By contrast on a Mercedes the discs were changed EVERY service (12k miles). I am inclined to consider the mercedes a very poorly designed vehicle in its first incarnation (270 ML) and the garage a complete P*** take as they knew it was a company vehicle.
I find it hard to trust these days.
I am currently looking at a near 2K bill for fixing up (properly) an old G Wagon - I will be checking that bill very, very, thoroughly.


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The last Focus I had went through a set of discs in less than 20,000 miles. I couldn't believe that was possible. As it was a lease car they replaced them and the replacements lasted until the car went back with another 60,000+ on it. I can only think that there was something wrong with the first set.


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My ex father in law worked for a chain of well known bit swappers and his training told him he could get a minimum of 250 quid out of any woman ,blind her with dribble and fit uneeded new pads and discs .It may seem sexist to some but that,s how that firm rolls and makes big dollar .Oh and all verbal nothing written down to bite them in the bum if it became public knowledge


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Up here in the lake district would be 2 set's of pads and 1 set of discs in 40k and that's a manual box!!
Not sure of the relevance of mentioning a manual box!

I had one vehicle that did 66k with no disc replacement and just one set of pads, and most of that was on Dartmoor and the Devon countryside.

An Auto is far superior on long descents than any manual, I have a very modern auto and it “senses” the incline and adjusts the gear change to suit, it will also keep you a good safe distance from the holiday maker in front, with smoke and smell coming from their brakes driving a manual car. I don’t have to think about it, and would most certainly touch the brakes less than I would in my old manual Ranger.

Ooops, Sorry, Auto v Manual again...........Not that there is even a remote comparison!


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Guys, sorry to say this but my front discs do at least 60 k miles and I do 30K miles a year, 80% on motorways. I will check my zaffy note book for exact data.

I get my discs and pads from ADP and they are all UK made,

Priced up a set of front pads and discs for my sons Corsa SRI and it came in at £60.

Mind you front brake caliper on my Zaffy this year was £80.

Local garage does all my servicing. Would never ever go to a UK national tyre/brake shop.



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biggest con going.

they tried this with my oldests car fiesta 32K

its now on 78K same discs but 3 sets of pads tater. takes me 1 hour to change them (old fart with a bad knee) at a cost of £40 a set.



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Took the wife to pick the car up this morning as she was home late last night so left it there.
I spoke to the fella yesterday and of course questioned him on the why's and what's of the failure and the long list of advisorys:fib:.
Anyway pulled up this morning and out strolls the fella asking if we had come to get the car, I replied yes and in his next breath he told us how he took the car out for a "blast" and managed to get the balancing or whatever for both brakes, so it had now just about passed the mot!!:fib:
No disks no brake pads and he also didn't charge to put water in the windscreen wipers.
What a result!!!
So if you guys have an mot failure I can pass his number on so he can give it a "blast" and then it will pass the mot:doh:

They are worse than plumbers:coat:
Atb Dave


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If its the mob who dance up and down chanting you cant get better than a ***** *** fitter, then the normal ruse is that your shock absorbers need changing,
complete nonsense of coarse in 99% of cases.


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Apparently new calipers for a GWagon - Mercedes part is £460 a wheel excluding fitting, I need to sell this quickly !