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So after the soon to be exwife has went for my guns and vehicle cheers lawyers. I am looking to......well being forced to sell my beloved Ford Ranger 2020 Limited with double cab and canopy. Son of a *****. So looking for advice on a rough price range from you knowledgeable chaps and chapesses. Immaculate condition low miles 6000 black and liner in truckbed. Any ideas from a heartbroken Ranger owner 😭😭


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Sounds awful. Sorry to state the obvious, but try searching on autotrader. Millions of rangers on there.
It’s a good point and I have but for some reason they all seem to be £30k and I didn’t even pay that as it was prereg and they were happy to let go. But cheers mate 👌


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good morning,not good news for you but sell it back to the dealer ,you will lose money but your ex wont get as much from the sale.


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As been said sell it to a good friend for a minimum price, on the understanding it comes back to you for the same price. Make sure its all on paper and signed for. Give her the half owed, as little as possible.
Then make sure you retain the log book, although that is no proof of ownership, you will need it. Then when time comes change the reg number to a private plate. If she sees it on the road it will appear to be a different vehicle that you purchased.
Make sure its all done once your decree absolute comes through, and that its a final cut off with no come back in the future. That's important.

Dont go to any mediation meetings, there a waste of bloody time, and they always seem to side with the women. At mine some 12 years ago, some spotty faced **** tried to tell me that my ex wife gets 50% of everything. After helping her out and paying of a considerable debt she had, which I knew nothing about, I told him in no uncertain terms that if he wanted 50% of everything I would gladly let her have it. That would be after I had put the whole lot in a field and set light to all of it with a gallon of petrol. :) Needless to say it didnt come to that, but my wife replied to him, he would do it too, she knew me reasonably well :lol:
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I have this friend and he suggests that you push it off a cliff and claim for the insurance, oh and make sure someone who used to be dear to you is in it. I of course could never defend such an absurd and of course criminal idea.


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That makes it worse she’ll get more cash 💰
You need transport once the Ford is gone.
Buy another motor and deduct the cost from what you stump up.
Say you need it to for work.
Or just give her the truck, maybe she’ll do a deal.
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Maybe cheaper to Take her out with you vermin shooting and ask her ( only to keep warm of course ) to put on a nice reddish furry outfit with large ears and tail on it and well you can guess the rest !!! I reckon you’ll get away with it, and if not sounds like you’ll get more peace and quiet in her majesty’s holiday camp …. 🦊🦊🦊🦊😂😂😂😂