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No it's not a war that the americans fought in the 60's and 70's.

I have just taken a tunnel boned haunch of venison and packed it in salt. it will stay in salt and wieghed down until thursday when i will take it out and hang it in muslin for a month or 3.

I am really looking forward to it.

has anyone done this before?

Any tips?

Swampy, how is your veni ham coming along?
Its been a week now and the joint has almost stopped releasing any liquid.
From what i understand once it completely stops you hang it muslin in a cool place for between 3-6 months.

How goes the ham? I've just taken delivery of an order from Weschenfelder of Supacure and was thinking of trying a Veni-ham rather than regular ham, so wondered if you could share any tips and suggestions?

Also received a shed load of rusk, sausage casings and herbs to make up a batch of veni-bangers using up some muntjac. Will be my first attempt, so itching to get the belly pork from the local butcher, fire up the mincer and get going!

Mine was taken out of the salt after 3 weeks, basically after there was no more fluid coming out.
Its now in muslin and air drying, it might get a try in 3-4 months.
Thanks for all the interesting info.

I've now finished butchering five muntjac (don't ask....) so I have a mess of venison to work on!

Having stuck the fillets, the cube meat and 6 of the haunches in the freezer, the plan is to cure a couple of remaining haunches, biltong the others (I bought back some biltong spice from my last trip to ZA), and create 10kg of venison sausage with all the diced meat (plus some belly pork, rusk and seasoning of course).

The kitchen will look like something out of Sweeney Todd this evening ;)



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Guys I just love this pioneering spirit of using skills lost in the past , being used again!! I could just crush a grape :lol:
Got round to trying swampys recipe for salting and dry hanging , been a week now in salt a haunch of roe doe , gonna give it another 2 weeks , then sniff it and then see how it goes , I found rolls of Muslin sleeves in Motor factors the other week , for car cleaning about £ 8.00 a roll Ideal for covering haunches , and have roe in my chiller skinned out and keep real well with this covering.
Regards a slavering


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post note willi _gunn
do you have a recipe or how you do it on a hog leg dry ham, i have bartered a Roe Doe for a Glouster old spot side + ham
Thanks Trapper


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That looks absolutely fabulous would you mind putting up your receipe for us that don't have a clue what to do?

Thanks in advance

It will be interesting to see if Swampy's turns out the same.
What i did was mix some dried herbs and black pepper with salt.
I didn't bone my joint out, rubbed salt into it and weighed it down, as the water came out i drained it off,re-salted, until it stopped after about 3 weeks.
Then i placed it muslin and hung it in the garage near the door.
3 months later and that is the result.
Next time....i would bone it out but would not weigh it down, i have also heard that some brown sugar in the salt also works well.
But it still tastes ok.
I placed the joint in a large plastic container and elevated one end slightly off the ground so the liquid would collect at the other end.
I used a weight lifting disc of about 5lb which i placed on top of the joint with a plastic bag separating the weight from the meat.
I thoroughly coated the joint by rubbing salt into it and then just left it alone.
I hope that helps.


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Richard / anyone

I have found a recipe for "dry" curing a pig haunch that I want to try on a Roe haunch.

Therecipe leaves the pig haunch with its skin left on. Do I shave the Roes haunch or should I skin it off do you think?