Venison Burger

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The pork seasoning gives a gentler flavour, the venison seasoing is there to pull out the full venison flavour. Both are excellent.

1kg venison
330g pork shoulder (25% of total meat)
42g pork seasoning or venison seasoning
208g water
83g rusk

1. Mince the venison and pork
2. Add seasoning
3. Add tepid water to rusk and allow to soak
4. Add to meat and mix thoroughly

I can help in sourcing venison seasoning if required.


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I intend to have a bash at making some burgers soon, but firstly, can i use belly pork? i reckon the belly has more flavour. I`m also wondering about fat content in each cut.
After number 4, is it best to just give the stuff a good mix or can you mince it again. I suspect mincing again would make the mix to fine.
Jingzy, i may need some help with the venison seasoning.
Thanks, basil.


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Yes you can use belly if you want. I use shoulder because belly can have 25%meat and 75% fat, or the other way around. I was just looking for more consistency in my product. All my mates love em.

You probably could remince things after 4, but I just mix by hand.


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I have tried all sorts of ways but my latest recipe is the one that to date everyone reckons is brill.

Best venison minced thro a large holed plate using only its own fat. When all the components are added and well mixed I remince.

Add propriety stuffing mixes of which I find the ones containing apricot are particularly nice.

Add finely chopped onions.

Finely chopped apples

Cajun seasoning to suit taste (We keep trying and adding until satisfied as seasoning varies as well as losses intensity over time))

A little chilli powder

Mixed herbs.

Eggs to bind and if still dry a bottle of beer.

This needs to roll into balls easily and without sticking too much to your hands.

Generally I tend to make about 20+ kg at a time but have made 2kg so quantities are not specified and really can be quite well varied yet still provide a super tasting mix. Despite no Pork they hold together in the pan yet break apart easily with a fork on ones plate.

If anyone wants a better guide to quantities email me with the weight of mix you will use and I will suggest weights for you.
325wsm you have stolen my recipe! :lol:
That is incredible, that is exactly the same recipe i have been using for years(apart from apricots i hate them with a passion!), got the cajun spice from scobies and experimented.
I also use their burger spice mix as well.
If i can't use the fat from the deer i use pork shoulder.
This is making me hungry!
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