venison carpacchio


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My wife and I love carpacchio. We have tried octopus and beef when on holiday in Malta and had many successful attempts at beef carpacchio back home.

For the beef we simply get the best cut we can, season the outside to taste wrap in cling film to keep the shape and chill for a couple of hours. Simply slice as thin as possible and and drizzle with good olive oil and eat with crusty bread. Heaven.

We did try and seal the meat in a very hot pan once but in our opinion it ruined the whole thing.

Any venison successes?


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I have done this with venison and it is delicious!

Take some fillet, cut a section say 1/2", put it in a strong bag like a vacuum bag, and bash it out slowly to thin it out to a mm or two, take it out and lay it on a plate, a bit of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Roll it up and pop it in the fridge for 1/2 an hour then serve, really nice accompanied with a little wholegrain mustard.

Cooking would spoil the effect and the chemical reaction of the vinegar and salt cures it in extra quick time!

Jono 4

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I had Venison Carpaccio at The Grove in London, it was fabulous, always wanted to do it but could never slice it thin enough so thanks for the tip stalker .308 will give it a try.


I have done it venison and it was tremendous...I lightly sealed the outside of the meat first before slicing it


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Likewise used some muntjac loin, minute or two on a hot barby then left it to rest and cool down then thinly sliced it and put it on a bed of rocket, sprinkled some parmesan slices on top, grind of pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Lovely jubbly.


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I am sure it would be fine, just defrost in the fridge so that it remains cold. Use a flat bladed carving knife too get the finest cut. Infound that if I flash sealed the meat first it was harder to slice thinly so just cold and raw and sliced thinly was best.
As jasonh says above, cut as fine as you dare, place on a bed of rocket, with freshly ground pepper parmasan shavings and a drizzle of olice oil. some crusty bread to finish and enjoy :.