venison leftovers or tough meat.


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Try this if you have any left overs or have a joint from a tough beast, Makes a very quick warming meal with no fuss and suits the flavours of venison.

Left over roast meat cut into shreds not to big. put in oven proof dish.
Pour over with Homepride Sausage Casserole (half a jar serves 2) but use according to amount of meat.
sprinkle with some chopped onions 1/2 onion for 2 persons
cover and warm up in oven until hot .
You can also leave the cooked meat in the juice overnight good for the tough stuff.

Yes I no its cheating and not realy a recipe but a jar of the homepride sausage casserole will stay in the cupboard for ages and comes in useful for that quick meal and idea to deal with the left overs. ;)


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Left overs

its alright to cheat
try it with a tin of homepride red wine Chopped onion and mushrooms
and slow cook :p