venison liver pate


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A good recipe I recently made up.

1 Fallow liver
1 Fallow heart
2 Kidneys
3 rabbit forequaters (or similar) boned
a quantity of pork fat

Slice all the above to fit in the mincer infeed and put through the fine plate.

Next, fry off two onions finely chopped with 2tbsp of smoked paprika, 1tbsp of fennel seed, 1tbsp of black onion seed.

Add to minced meat along with two bay leaves, a handful of currants and a good slosh of fino sherry.

Mix throughly with a big spoon.

Place in a large (2-2.5lbs) greased baking tin and place in a bain-marie in the centre of an oven preheated to 170deg for approx 1.5-13/4 hrs till the juices run clear (or very nearly) from the centre.

Pour away the water in the bain marie and leave to cool,

refrigerate overnight and then eat with large piles of melba toast and crisp green salad. :D




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Just the ticket
will deffo be having a crack at that, bugger me soon I will have a right cottage industry going on.
Thanks Trapper