Venison Pastrami

Paul 600

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As promised Venison Pastrami

Brine ingredients

5Lb Venison Haunch or saddle(boneless)
2 1/2 Lt Bottled Water
5 Table spoons Salt
2 Table spoons of Cure No 1 (prague powder No 1)
1/4 Cup crushed garlic cloves
2 Table spoons sugar

Spice Coating

2 Table spoons of course black pepper
3 Table spoons of cracked coriander
1 Table spoon of crushed garlic


Mix all the brine ingredients less the garlic. Pump the brine into the meat using a meat pump or the largest hypodermic needle you can get.

Place the meat in a glass or plastic container, cover with the remaining liquid ans add the crushed garlic.

Place the meat in the fridge at 4 oC for approximately 3 days. Remove from the brine and wipe dry.

Grind the spice coatings together and cover meat with it.

For best results smoke in a cool smoker until the internal temp reaches 74 oC. If you have not got a smoker cook it in the oven on the lowest setting with the door left ajar.

Once cooked leave to rest and once cold slice as thin as possible.



Deer Man,
Thanks for posting the recipe will give it a try as soon as I get home form this oil rig. Will let you know how I get on.


Monkey Spanker

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Prague No.1 cure?

After much 'Googling' I am not convinced that Prague powder exists in this country! :confused: I did however find this stuff:
It costs about £6 for 2kg but the meat is free I suppose!
They also do the Saltpetre stuff which is added to salt to make the No.1 cure but it looks like the amounts are quite critical.
I thought Pastrami must be Italian by its' name but it would appear to have Canadian origins. :confused:
Are you by any chance an Italian-Canadian Deer Man?? :lol:
Where do you get your No.1 cure from please??

Paul 600

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Monkey Spanker,

I think you are refering to Cure No2 or Pague No 2?

This is the advice from the sausagemaker web site.

This cure is a mixture of sea salt, Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate

This is a slow acting cure that can be used for sausage that is cured and dried, and can be eaten without cooking.

Please note that Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate are toxic chemicals , used correctly this cure is very safe but utmost care must be taken to measure it accurately before adding it to your recipe.

You must follow recipes that call for Cure 2 or ‘Prague Powder number 2’ exactly.

As a general rule most recipes call for two level tea spoons (approx 10 grammes) of Cure 2 to 10 pounds (4.5 Kilos) of meat, however this is a general guide. YOU MUST FOLLOW RECIPES EXACTLY!!!!!

Cure 2 is not a replacement for salt, extra salt must be added as required by the recipe.

Cure No 1 Can be found here!

You were close but no Cigar!

Works well must try harder!

See Me. :D


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This sounds delicious, my mouth is watering!

I can't wait to try it out when I get my hands on a haunch.


Paul 600

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Here we go!



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Deer man
what are the keeping qualitys of the pastrami . time in fridge etc I have a small vacpack EIFFEL which I use , mind this stuff goes like a rocket to my mates and little is left over , I should bloody well charge for it! :lol:
but my experiment in winning people over to venison is working , they are curiously interested , or just rave about it .
Thanks Trapper

Paul 600

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I would treat is the same as any cooked meat, about a week open but if you Vac pack it if it lasts that long in the fridge I would think it would last a very long time in the fridge?