Vension barbque!


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Fingers crossed for this weekend, got a few mates round for a bar-b-que, main ingredients venison due to me praise in the gorgeous meat. If so this what will be served. Apsrt from real ale guys under a couple of brolleys:D

Vension-kebabs- of loin cut 1-1/2 inch thick marinated in salt,peper, herbs, garlic and jerk seasoning, along with peppers and onions.

Vension-burgers- = to me 1/2 pound burgers. A 1/4 pound of each hand formed with the seasoning to suit most like salt, pepper oxo cube, as the two 1/4 pounders form to create a 1/2 pounder place cheese of you choice mine Lancashire bomb. Cook so that the cheese melts between thw two burgers between them to create a sticky mouthwater in burger.

Vension steaks - marinated in salt and pepper only and serve on a bed of large field mushrooms and sliced tomatoe's with rocket salad.

Died vension from shoulder in a foil pouch - with onions, kajun seasoning, fresh sald and avacardo and torrtilo wraps. Pre cokk in the season ing then in as stated a foil pouch bar-b-que it.

My main seasongs i like are salt, pepper, fresk herbs, look for season maker of (Fidders Payne) most supermakets sell.