Vermin and snobs

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mole trapper

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What an eye catching header hey?, Well that pretty much sums up a conversation with a very embittered huntsman a few days ago in my local.
Now i know living in the area that i do is like living in the final frontier, but some of the attitudes that i encounter beggar belief. This chap lives and breathes all types of hunting with dogs, needless to say he is not a happy bunny with the current situation he finds himself in, he still however travels throughout north devon and into somerset no longer to hunt deer but to shoot these vermin the farmers dont want on their land, this is done with shotguns surrounding woodland etc, they happily admit a lot go away wounded but it doesnt matter because they will die from their wounds.
I pointed out to him that i could not understand the farmers rational that if the deer were a problem then why not turn them into a financial asset and have them controled humanley and within the law, his reply that he almost spat back at me was they didnt want a load of snobs running around the place.
First of all i thought that maybe he was just trying to get a rise out of me as he knows that i am rather passionate about deer, but he was not, he even went on to confide in me that a deer park that i used to cull on until i could no longer stomach it, now have him in to sit in a tree and shoot with again a shotgun the selected beasts that are driven towards this tree.
Dog in a manger comes to mind, as does **** for brains, OH, and we arent on speaking terms anymore, suprise suprise.

Regards to you all, MT.


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You said it mate, what a **** for brains, and the landowners as well.

It really does get my goat when i hear of these kinds of people who get the good shooting and don`t give the animal the respect it deserves by treating everything as vermin, which, still needs dispatching properly.

How is it that these types always seem to drop on their feet with access to stalking ground.? :rolleyes: :mad:

I reckon a call to the local constabulary or wildlife officer would put paid to his illegal shooting of deer with a shotgun, get it done mole trapper before he gives us honest ones a bad name. :evil: :lol:



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Hey guys didnt you know sh-t always floats to the surface? People like that are hear today gone tomorrow, but I admit it does get up your nose :rolleyes:


Sorry, but I just don't believe it.

Lets look at it logically based upon what MT has posted.

Its impossible to surround a wood and blast every deer that shows itself. With just one guy. So there must be more people involved if its a largish wood that could require up to 15 -20 people. People talk, especially if its a regular occurrence, yet this is the first I've heard of any such claim. The anti's are all over the stag hound boys like ticks on a scottish red hind. They would give their left bollock to be ale to accuse any of the stag hound lads of such dubious activity, yet there's not even a whisper from them. Plus I have never heard any of the deer hunting fraternity refer to any deer as vermin ever.

I get the impression that some people are more upset by what might be free or cheap stalking is not being made available than the potential suffering caused by wounding a deer with a badly placed shot from a shotgun. West country farmers have been loosing money for so long that if you popped down and waved sufficient cash under any of their noses they would let you have the stalking. But bear in mind that many of them don't own the land or sporting rights as they are tenant farmers.

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