Vets again

One of my terriers was looking funny at my two year old daughter last few weeks, €50 job done over here in sunny ireland.
At home with cremation, but still £250 more than same vet charged us a few years ago. Just seems an awful lot

Sorry to hear of your loss, but we all know when it is time to say goodbye.
Cost wise, if you have an individual cremation, that alone is about £350 for a lab size dog . That leaves £200 for the vet. From memory a couple of years ago, it was vet + nurse involved.
Inter-digit cyst - possible thorn penetration or more worryingly, grass seed. £484 to conduct cleanse of would under GA - nothing found....................
If other vets are like ours then they are a total rip off!!!!
I had to take our dog to the vet a day after we "rescued" him from a home where he was being starved and ill treated. He had a wound on his tail with some dead bone showing which the previous owner had not bothered to get treated. I took him to the very and the vet said that the only thing would be to amputate part of the tail, so I said go ahead. He did the operation and charged me nearly £500 for the job. I had to take the dog back a week later as the tail did not seem to be healing properly so the very same same vet told me that he would have to amputate a bit more off the tail. I asked him who was going to pay for that and he said that I would have to pay for the second operation. Needless to say that my reply was a big "NO WAY, you have already been paid to do the job and you obviously didn't do it right so it is up to you to correct your failed work". His reply was that he would give me a bit of discount to which I said "Try again or I will put a complaint in against you for negligence". With that he got the job done properly this time (F.O.C.) but if I hadn't stood up to him he would have charged me a second time to correct his own failed/bitched up work!
Some vets can be total rip off!

Having said that I am sure that not all vets are like that and that there are some very good vets around - You just have to find them!