Views from't Norf

Leica Amplus 6


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Not my ground but I stalk as a guest regularly wonderful place.


Another view


This is one of my favourite places at sunrise


Another favourite place


Something different - I enter a few "specialist shooting" competitions abroad on a fairly frequent basis, this is a view from two years ago of the range area



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Nice looking bit of ground, looks hard work though, where abouts in the country is it?

Can't be that far north, is got blue sky and sunny ;)

Nice to see



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Photgraph 3 shows a small "hillock" called Ingleborough in the background quite famous for the Pendle Witches or the Three Peaks (depending on what floats the boat)

Photos 1, 2 and 4 are from the south Cumbria area.

Last pic is from a place called Strelana just inside Slovakia - absolutely stunning scenery there.

Yes that is a real MIG jet fighter to the right of the targetry.


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it was a particually sunny afternoon and you know how shiny barrels glint in reflected light - hence the cover material.

I was in that spot for a few hours.


no it does not affect impact point over stalking distances.


Andrew i know of late you have had plenty of experience of talking out of your arse but it wont wash with me.
In Fact if i were the guide/Ghillie on that outing you`d of had a slap on the back of the head and sent back to the car for that silly prat performance.
I can just imagine the like`s of Mr Snowden over looking the action`s of clients such as yourself..
Very suspect in my opinion but speaks volumes for your personal attitude towards hunting in general..

Merry Christmas..


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Merry Christmas to you too Vim. If you're the same Vim as used to post on UKV I expect your posts to decline in quality from hereon in. If you're not then you do a good impression. If I may make a suggestion to the moderators:

Ban this guy right now. Don't wait for the slanging matches that his posts will generate among the moderate and respectful forum that this site generally is.

If I've got you wrong and this post was a temporary abberration then please accept my apologies. I doubt it though.

If you were or (god forbid) are a gillie or a guide then I pity your clients.

This sport can do without the likes of you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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I applaud your wishes to have a smooth running site. However if you wish to make suggestions or offer advice to the admin team then may I suggest that you do it via a pm. I think you will agree that for a post that is meant to foster good relations then yours itself is a little inflammatory.

I'm sure you meant it with good intent but I think your reaction is a bit kneejerk. As you know we have in the past and no doubt in the future will ban people from the site, for whatever reason. The thing is though they have to have done something to earn this ban.



Hi Gareth it`s been a long time since we corresponded with one another so yes i can confirm it is me.
However i do think your opinion of me is a little misleading but that`s entirely up to you and i respect that.
I`ll be down in the Midlands over Christmas so if you need a lamp man/Driver just send me a pm.
Have a good Christmas..

Regards vim..


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Hi Vim, yes its been a while.
On any given day I can make a prat of myself and today seems to be no exception.

Your response is both reasoned and measured to my (as JAYB pointed out) inflammatory post.

It appears that you've changed (or I had the wrong idea in the first place) so please accept my apologies.

Also extended to other forum users.

Best wished for the festive season



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Stunning looking bit of ground Andy, I can't say I would want to be stuck up there when the weather turns though.


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As my old dad used to say it takes a real man to apologise son. Well done Zaitsev and also Vim.

However please take on board what JAYB has said. We have no issue with good reasoned debate, or the odd argument (all families have them ;) ) but please keep it polite and not personal.

Well done guys :D have a great Chrimbo, and the best of luck and health to you for 2009. May your deer larder's over flow :D
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