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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod


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Hi all, had to share these with you, really unusual. This is .375H&H Mag ammo from Kynock. wrapped in packets of lead, each containing 5 x 5 packets of 5 bullets as shown.


And this is how the sides and bases are sealed:


I've no idea if it's collectable, but with one open packet, I'm tempted to find out how shootable it is - any thoughts?




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Hi Roo
You know me never been fussy :D
Oh You mean bullets :oops: sorry mate I'll let you fire them.
The .375 is away at the doctors at the moment its had a new trigger and now it's being bedded, itching to get it back now.



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LOL - loving my .375 at the moment - shot a 4 inch group at 100m standing through open sights a couple of weeks ago - not on my target mind, but it was a tight group (lol)

My new 30-06 is turning out to be a 'Friday Afternoon Gun' as the stock is so flimsy that the weight of the mod on the barrel causes the screws holding it to the action to come loose every 3-4 shots - and the importer isn't returning my emails and phone calls........

Not HP here at the moment, I'm thinking about posting his details under the 'last minute stalking' section - I'll put a price on him first though :)

Nice to hear from you, see you soon.


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If you have a look at firearms auctions - eg or Sotheby's or Bonhams, often include plenty of ammunition. Ranges from batches of modern ammo, to really obscure stuff. If you have boxes there of one of the not so readilly Nitro Express calibres then I woud have though a lot more valuable than readily available .375 H&H.

But then they don't make and ship old ammo in lead cases any more.

Chris Rob

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Hi Roo

I have a fair bit of boxed Kynoch loaded Rimmed & Rimless .375H&H ammo in my collection & anything still lead sealed is very collectable, hang on to it. ;)

Take a look at the Griffin & Rowe website, the have one lead sealed box of 50 Rimless .375H&H going for $700 (£387) :eek:

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