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For Sale: Viper-Flex Basic Quad Sticks


Well-Known Member
Viper-Flex Basic Quad sticks,
Aluminium Quad shooting sticks, some of the most stable and high quality sticks on the UK market.

They are £169 delivered... but a price you will not regret.

For more info you can look at Viper-Flex Basic from Best Deer Call

These are highly sought after and demand is high, so first come first served... I will try to keep everyone happy!


Well-Known Member
I'm interested in these , do they have the spike at the bottom of the feet that's exposed by screwing the ball up for on rough ground or are they just a plain round ball with no spike ?

I hope this makes sense

or or if you have a pic of a foot that would be great



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More sticks in today. If anyone is heading to Ragley for The Game Fair we will have both the Basic (alloy) and the Journey (Carbon fibre) with us there


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These sticks are great; I bought a set at last year's CLA. I have used them a fair bit to great success - but the ultimate time was on a range day this week, organised by Anglia Sporting. Using these sticks I shot a 3 shot (.243) same hole group at 100m - see photo. This was fully witnessed by Nick of Anglia Sporting and Andy (the gamekeeper). Now I know these sticks do the job!

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