Vitara starter motor fixed


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Couple weeks ago shooting mate/ex mechanic came down for the weekend. Shooting poor so on Sunday decided to sort the Suzuki starter motor out. Starter motor located on drivers side under exhaust manifold. Jacked up front, removed driver side wheel and on axle stand. 2x 14 mm bolts hold on starter, pig to get at as almost directly above main suspension arms. The nut holding the direct feed wire is secured by a 12mm nut, sod to get at, needs stumpy ring spanner.

Dirty job due to oil leak but removed. Tested starter and was working fine. Tested 12v supply from ignition also fine. Spade connector on solenoid discoloured so quick bit of work with emery paper sorted it.

Lubed 14 mm bolts with anti seize grease and reassembly which was fine. Whole job took about 3 hours, would be much quicker with stumpy 14 and 12 mm spanners.

Truck now back to reliable self, starts first time, positively cranks engine, so would appear problem was just the dirty connector, if we had known would have saved lots of grief.

Happy shooter except all roe have now vanished



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My little Vitara has just passed it MOT ...18 years old and still going strong.
I had a problem with the starter a few months ago .. it would turn over, but very slowly, eventually starting. I gave the starter a bash with a hammer and it hasn't done it since. The old fixes are the best .. :D