Vithavuori powder


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here in n.ireland 1KG of vit costs £92 we get ripped of as the gun shops have to pay the carriage to get it over from Tim hannon

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PS I take it you bought it at Andersons? They do have some strange pricing fantasies in there sometimes, sometimes they can be very reasonable, sometimes they try and charge you £37 for a £18 buttalo!


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Always used Vhit powders and swear by them. There's always good prices out in the gunshops but try getting it shipped. Special courier required due to some daft legislation.
Forget finding a deal from a dealer far away as you'll loose any saving in P&P.
Build a relationship with your local dealer and convince him to give you a good price.


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Just wondered what averages were because I have a couple kilo's 165 in classifieds, probably no one on it near me, thought it would fly @ £60 each.


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I saw some reatiling at £83 /kg the other day
have also seen it as low as £65

2nd hand powder even unopened is usually at a considerable mark down
FWIW I was selling a fair amount of unopened but older tubs at £55/kg and even some newer unopepend at £55-60 just to see it sell


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i was £89 for my last tub of N160:cry:. Up a by £24 from the last tub which i bought at £75 about 18months ago.


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I can do it at £62:50 per kilo when I buy it in 20kg bulk containers and you bring your own tub :lol: - although 20kg is only a good weekend's worth of ammunition at the steel plate challenge if you shoot a .300RUM...
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Anyone give me an idea of average price, over the counter 1 kilo Vithavuori powder?:tiphat:
I charge £75/kilo for viht 100 series. Factory fresh sealed pots and usually have full range in stock. Also seeing more sales of Ramshot powders. Notably TAC.