Voere semi-auto 223LR

old keeper

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I've acquired a Voere semi-Auto 22LR, I'm not sure of the model, the only identification is Benteler 55 inscribed on one side.

Before starting renovation work I wonder if anyone can explain how to remove the bolt, Any help would be much appreciated.


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A Voere semi auto was my very first rifle - and the easiest semi auto I ever worked on.
It's probably easiest to remove the action from the stock
Unscrew and remove the bolt handle
Unscrew the round cap at the rear of the action and the main spring and firing pin spring will pop out.
Then simply tip the rifle up and the bolt will slide out.




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Cracking little rifle, the bolt handle can be pushed into a slot in the receiver and twisted to lock it for single shot use, it works but it will bugger up the threads in the bolt.


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+1 . Brilliant rifle , whisper quiet . Needs to be kept very clean or the action fouls easily , depending on what ammo being used