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Sold: Vorn Lynx


Well-Known Member
I have for sale the following:-

Vorn Lynx in green. Used a couple of times but I can’t get on with it. £215.00 posted

Vortex Guide Bino harness. Used about 5 times but prefer my binos to be uncovered. £ 70.00 - Sold

Red Kettle Bino Harness never used £ 65.00 - sold

EKA Swingblade (latest version) in orange. Comes with original sheath and a custom made leather one purchased on here. Blade was sharpened by longstrider (advertises on here). He put a convex edge on it and I haven’t used it since. £55.00 - Sold

All prices are posted.


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Well-Known Member
Knife and two sheaths arrived this morning, well packaged and arrived in good condition - no problems.

Thanks for the great service.

Smelly Yeti

Well-Known Member
Can’t believe you still haven’t sold this? When I was after mine less than 12 months ago you couldn’t find them second hand for love nor money & if you did they sold in seconds for more than yours! Well made packs. Have another bump on me :thumb:


Well-Known Member
Hello Springbok787, if this falls through, I’ll take it for £200, I’m annoyed I missed this, need to check of the classifieds!!

Lesson leant.