For Sale: Vortex Defender Flip Up Scope Covers

Hi all

We have recently become a Vortex Optics stockists and as part of the range can offer the superb "bomb-proof" Defender Flip Up Scope Covers.

As well as obviously fitting Vortex scopes the range also fits most other scopes in the market - models and sizing are as follows:

  • E-10 Eye Piece - suitable for 40-46mm O/D
  • O-40 Objective - suitable for 45.5 - 48.5mm O/D
  • O-44 Objective - suitable for 48 - 53 mm O/D
  • O-50 Objective - suitable for 55 - 59mm O/D
  • O-56 Objective - suitable for 62 - 66mm O/D

As with all Vortex products the Defender flip caps have an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

Forum deal price at £22.45 delivered for single cap & £20.50 each delivered for two caps (£40.95 inc p&p).


More details can also be found on our website Flip Up Scope Caps

Just send a pm with any interest.


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Great service as usual. Many thanks Rob.

Get involved folks, this is a bargain and it makes a change to deal with a friendly company who do the basics well with a polite nod of the head.


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Cottis is spot on.
Good gear at a good price and excellent service from Rob. Much obliged :tiphat:


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I wish I had seen this advert when I bought my gaiters. I need a replacement front cap. A word of warning to user in heavy heavy rain water can ingress under the rubber seal on the Zeiss V8 because the back lip over hangs the objective Bell, water gets in and acts as a lubricant. Well at least that’s what I think happens, mine slipped off and was lost. I will buy another because they are the best on the market. I will either trim to size or use tape this time.


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It may help both vendor and would-be SD purchaser to note the largest size will, with a little 'encouragement', fit an 8x56 set of bins such as my Zeiss Night Owles:

Mr B

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At last, decent lens caps from a UK supplier. There are two very good manufacturers in the USA but by the time they arrive here they become extortionate! Butler Creek caps are a joke, I’ll probably be in touch for a set of these for my PM2