Vortex PST objective lens cover


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I've just mounted scope to new rifle and the very excellent vortex flip cover rubber is well and truly wedged between scope and barrel.
Anyone know of a screw in type cover or one with thinner rubber gaiter?
presumably the wedged rubber is a bad thing!

Haggis Hunter

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I had a similar issue with a Butler Creek plastic cover which I solved with the careful use of a dremel, I'm presuming the rubber can't be thinned down? I've only got a gap of 1 to 2mm between cover and barrel.



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Its a pretty soft, neoprene type material - will have a look and see if the machining down will work.

There is a screw in sunshade, so I'm wondering if there is a screw in cover.


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Hope you get sorted.

I have just ordered the defender caps, I hope they are as good as advertised.

just fitted 2 sets to my rifles lovely job even stretched the Eye bell one to fit the Massive IOR Back end and did my own printout for a range card o fit in it
will get another set for my 22 LR but that will need the scope lifting a bit as its to tight to the barrel now

unlike the Butler creek it didnt need tape to fatten up the 56mm Objective for a tight fit as the rubber has plenty of grip


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Defender cap is crap as it doesn't fit in the narrow gap between objective and barrel.

Apart from that its the best I've used. :D

Mine will be going up for sale shortly if the Warne cover fits.


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Warne 50mm cover on last night. Its a tight thread but fits well/ securely. Flip cover 'just' contacts barrel so that will get a shave off the edge, but when popped open there is plenty of clearance with the barrel so problem solved.
Many thanks.