Vortex rangefinder


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There aren‘t any RF‘s these days that don‘t do their plain job. Buy by price.

Marcel g

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I have one that I got off here. Very happy with it.
Like Rider says they pretty much all do as the box says these days


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Having bought a Zeiss one and when the battery started to drain when not in use (new battery flat in 48 hrs of no use) after only being 4 years old and they said it wasn't their problem as it was outside the 2 year warranty so I'd have to buy a new one (£600)! I would certainly buy a Vortex as all the electronics are covered too for the lifetime of the product.


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Ive had mine for the past five years ,had no issues with it what so ever , definately one of my better buys


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I have the 1400 (I think) and it's a cracking bit of kit. Be warned though, I had a hell of a job with it to start with. Couldn't get it to work at all until the guy at Optics Warehouse told me to REALLY do the battery cover up tight. Once that was done it worked fine. I was sure it was tight enough, and being used to stuff breaking/shearing off/snapping in general when I 'properly' tighten a screw thread (big lad with big mitts) I was loathe to give it the final oomph that it needed to connect properly.


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I’ve had one since 2015. Good piece of kit. Vortex warranty is about the best you can get.


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I bought one after sending my swarovski rangefinder binos back as I didn't like them....
I know use normal binos and the vortex rangefinder and it's a good bit of kit... it does the job it's intended for and I saved money in the process ...
I find if I feel have to range something I get closer ....


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I have the Vortex ranger 1800 and it is pretty good. Light, small, not hugely expensive and quite reliable at producing a reading. Once I even managed to range a Police helicopter that was hovering over my street with it, which was 582 yards.