Vortex scope mounts


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can give any recommendations for the vortex scope mount for 30mm tube scope to fit on a bolt action rifle?


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Looking at set ups on your tube (vast majority being from the states) they were on cantilever mounts which when looking into are really for the AR platforms as opposed to bolt action


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Sorry mate, it's a howa 1500 .243 with a 20moa pic rail. Scope has a 56mm objective and 30mm tube
So really as you've already decided on Vortex as a brand and you already have a picatinny rail fitted to your rifle, you just want to know what size what height 30mm rings you need for a scope with a 56mm objective lens!

I would give the Optics Warehouse a call as I'm sure that they will be able to tell you and will almost certainly have something in stock at the right price. On the off chance they are not compatible they will change them. Their reputation for service is legendary and their prices are good too.


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Save yourself a few quid and get some Burris XTR Signature rings. They have the advantage of plastic inserts so A: give perfect alignment B: include inserts kit to adjust scope alignment scope to offset any error in the rail or receiver/add MOA for long range shooting and C: single rings are more versatile than 1 pice mounts ie you have more flexibility in scope position and you can have the rings further apart for greater stability.


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Even better than opticswarehouse go on the Alan Rhone website and look at what they have. Excellent to deal with, quick delivery.