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I just got of the phone with Malc an hour ago, he tells me that tea drinking Yorkshire dynamo has been out an taken the biggest Stag he has seen in over 20 years from JayB's patch.

We shall be no doubt treated to pics in due time of a victorious Waddas, thats it I'm taking up golf as I'm not going to sit round campfires for the next 20 years as he retells the story into Dee Dar mythology :lol:

Well done Waddas old mate and well done Jayb for letting this delinquent bugger shoot your best stag

Hopefully see you later tonight Waddas, and if you are about JayB would be good to call round for a drink sometime this week


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you beat me to it, but I have been watching the Grand Prix. Wadas got his Sika, and I am especially pleased to have given him the chance to take a good 'un as I did not realise until after the shot it was his first Sika. Here it is


It was a good 'un but not the best one ;)


I'll say nothing about the stalk, I'll leave that to Wada's.

I'll see you in the week legal, why I put that I don't know it will be days before you read this!



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Now that is a great Sika. Fantastic trophy. :eek:

Sat out last night from 5.00pm to pitch black, didn't see a hair of a Sika.


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WEll done guys great looking stag.

This stalking up north is looking more tempting by the day.
Will have to raid the kids piggy bank ;) :lol:



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waddas strikes again

Well done Waddas, they do take some stopping sometimes,I hope you have left some for the rest of us.
And a big WELL DONE TO JAYBE for providing the site with what is obviously a great piece of ground.


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Thanks for the comments guys. It is a cracking stag and I will be writing down all about my, our week with Malcom and Jayb but it will take me a few days to do it. I will keep you posted :p



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Well done Waddas, I spoke to Sikamalc a couple of days ago and he said that everyone there was having a fantastic time.

Nice big lad for your first Sika, long may it continue.

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