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Sold: Walther Hunter Knife Set

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Walther Hunter Knife Set
The Walther Hunter knife set is the ideal hunter’s companion. The rugged nylon sheath contains two knives and a saw, each with lanyard eyelets and hard rubber grips that ensure a firm grasp even with wet or sweaty hands.

The large knife with its traditional skinner shape blade has a well-designed handle and a grooved thumb rest on the blade, allowing it to be guided accurately and safely.

The rugged 440 stainless steel blade has a gut hook for field dressing.
The small knife, which fits just as well in the hand and is of equal quality, is for finer work in skinning and dressing.
The blade and handle are designed to permit different positions in the hunter’s hand. The Walther Hunter knife set also includes a compact saw that fits snugly in the hand – an essential for every hunter.

Large knife blade length: 115mm, overall length: 233mm.
Small knife blade length: 85mm, overall length: 190mm.
Compact saw blade length: 64mm, overall length: 146mm.

Walther-Hunter-knife-set-1-900.jpg Walther-Hunter-knife-set-2-650.jpg Walther-Hunter-knife-set-3-650.jpg Walther-Hunter-knife-set-4-650.jpg Walther-Hunter-knife-set-5-650.jpg

Price: £47.99 posted. UK Only
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