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Wanted: Wanted .270 Stainless ambidextrous synthetic stock rifle.

sausage man

Well-Known Member
Hello I hope anyone can help or even advise.
I am left handed however my 14 year old son (who has his FAC for .270 and is currently using my Steyr) is right handed.
We are looking for something that we can use together on Red, Fallow, goat etc however due to a serious neck problem and an awaiting operation money is a bit tight. I have shot right handed rifles all my life so as long as the cheek peice and hand grip is ok I would give it a go but synthetic is lighter than wood.
Thank you in anticipation for any help as it will be greatly appreciated.


Well-Known Member
If you can manage with a single shot action, albeit a fast loading falling-block, I would think that a Ruger No.1 fitted with an ambidextrous Bell & Carlson synthetic stock (available for about $100 in the USA) would suit perfectly.

No worries about which side the bolt is on, because there isn't one... They are very accurate rifles and there are plenty of tuning parts available through outfits like Brownells.

There's a Ruger No.1 in .270W for sale on Gun Trader at the moment.

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sausage man

Well-Known Member
Thanks Adam,
Think I'll either get a How 1500 or Tikka 3 lite. As it seems as ambi stock as I'll get for the money I w as looking at.
Any comments between the 2 rifles anyone.