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Wanted: wanted Beretta 20g


Well-Known Member
Hi guys if you have one please get in touch I've got a max of £850 to spend so i'm not expecting a red dot gun!!!!!


Account Suspended
I have a sideplate SBS Beretta in 99.99% new condition, yours for a shade under four thousand?

I. Farticus

Well-Known Member
You're absolutely right, I do!

It's the small matter of being £5k shy of the "shade under four thousand" asking price having bought a rifle and scope in the last few days :D


Well-Known Member
Hi Tomm, thanks for the offer mate but it's over my budget. I accept that I'm limiting myself to an earlier model. Come on guys! I'll even throw in tea and biscuits!!


Well-Known Member
See, better off with a Miroku 28" m/c at about £800. ;)
Yes I like them but my son has a 687 and I want a gun to match his, preferably with the little silver pigeon on the top lever. and before you ask, yes we also wear matching long johns!!


Well-Known Member
Think you may struggle to find a 687 SP for that money. Good luck in your search.
I found that a 687 from 1997 was more expensive than a new 686 silver pigeon 1.
You might have to sell me some knives to help the fund !