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Wanted: wanted hwv or gwp


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Hi guy's
I, m after either a hwv or gwp pup must be pedigree, from working lines and be a bitch.im not in any rush for one so if someones planning a litter I don't mind waiting for the right one.
I, ve always had dogs and also bred then (rhodesian ridgebacks) but as im doing more shooting now id like a hpr.


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Sanibel686 is currently planning a litter with his GWP. . . His bitch is sisters with mine and comes from sound breeding.
Well worth a consideration.
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My bitch has just come into season - off Falcongreen lines - father is Zoldmali Iram and Grandmother Alma. We are in Scotland, pm me for further details if interested.


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Mate has just had his HWHV lined she,s an import Hungary the stud dog was uk based but i think he was imported also, could find out based in Perthshire
this bitch is used for stalking on a regular bases.



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Thanks for the reply guys, im just waitng to hear back from 1 or 2 people so will be touch in next week or 2.