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Wanted: WANTED - Left Hand Drive - remy or ruger...


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Left hand Remy700 SPS Varmint Synthetic screw cut .223 brand new in box available for £575


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There are a couple of Remingtons on guntrader in 308 and a 30-06 River that land been on there for a long time.
I am also looking for a 30 cal lh rifle just not a remmy or a ruger:oops:

Eric the Red

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LH Tikka 595 222
LH Tikka T3 243
LH Tikka T3 338
LH Sako Finnbear 300WM
LH Savage 116 300WM

...take your pick.....

If you want to really take my arm off:

LH Ruger 77 270 (stainless/grey laminate)
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thanks boyz
dropmdead - 270 - interested how much - PM me
palmer - 25-06 - not at the moment
LIT - 223 - not at the moment
reiver - yep watching
eric the red - interesting - will come back
dalton moor range - WILL CALL YOU ON 01538 308697

thank you all, once the project is started I will keep the 'builds' on here for feed back...