Swap: Wanted UK hunting - Avail great NZ hunting


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Hi all, bit of along shot but worth putting it out there I thought.

The family farm in New Zealand has access to and backs onto public mountains/alps with red deer, tahr, chamois, ducks, geese, trout and salmon. It's pretty remote type hunting in alpine mountains when you get up top but a hunters dream. Plenty of guys with helicopters around if you want to pay to be flown in rather than hiking. Few basic huts for overnight if your not into tenting.

Happy to help people out showing them around for a day or so if they come to us in NZ if they can get me out over here. I'm in the UK for a couple more months. Happy to go up to Scotland or further for a trip, I'm living near Hereford though. What I'm offering is not guided or anything fancy. Just a great area we I live and I don't mind helping out with local advice, coming along if you want and happy to help with a bit of gear you may not have while travelling in exchange for the same here. I'm just going a bit stir crazy not getting my usual hunting in while working here for the Summer and are an experiened DIY hunter who would love to get out here without having to go down the whole guided package line.