Wanted: WANTED - Zeiss V6 5-30 BT/ASV


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Just throwing it out there.

Any second hand V6 5-30 scopes out there? Must have ASV/BT

Reticle zbr or zmoa preferred.

Budget is for a V6 and as much as would like a V8 4.8-35 I dont have the budget. :)

Please pm me if there is a scope you would like to suggest that has BT and similar mag range.

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paul o'

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I moved from the V8 + to the v6 the asv is not as the V8 due to the turrets not having the ring's that the V8 has, only the top has it but its just a zero stop more like a standard setup in how you need to work out your come ups per rifle cal and bullets if you home load, its not the true ASV BDC V8 ? but saying all that its still lighter and nice to use . I use there own ballistic calculator web and after I filled in all the box's it cam out nr I would say 90% correct standard cal's with factory ammo would prob be better to factor.