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Lets say I've got £12-1500 for a new or second hand 308, i want around 24" barrel , its for stalking plus the odd visit to Bisley hence the 24" barrel, anything you can offer ,or recommend.


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Continental barrel in a basic S&L Classic. Cannot recall exactly but they are around 1500quid I think. The conti barrel is longer (63cm) or you can get the standard in 23inches.

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with change

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For that kind of money you could get a decent semi custom rig, buy a shot out donor, and have it re-barrelled. You’ll get your choice of barrel weight, length, and twist rate, and could even have it throated for a specific load for bisley if you wanted. Both of the semi custom rigs that I have have cost less than £1200, although I just put a new stock on the 75 which probably makes it around the £1400 mark..