Ward 800 and z6i


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Is anyone on here using a ward 800 on a z6i, very tempted by the ward but not sure wot it will be like in the z6i as regards to low enough parallax and lenses coatings restricting ir


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Looked into it for my S n B he says the better the scope the less chance of it working ,it is the lens coatings and need for parallax as u say ,a lot of peeps on another forum use "cheaper" scopes like Hawke with side parallax .Have a look on N.V.UK U dont have to be a member lots of articles about which is the best scope for a D800 or join and ask him direct Clive normally responds to enquiries himself atb


I am using the ward on my Leupold mark 4 6.5-20x50 and visibility is still good even with the high magnification and limited parallax. I have put it on my hawke scope for rimfire use as well and the lower magnification helps.

Just get the the most powerful ir torch and you shouldn't have any problems


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The best scope on both daytime/dusk usage and picture with d800 is the 56mm sightron stac.

Don't know about the ward but the sightron has knocked all the the spots off the leupold VX3 using an Archer, and Dragonfly. So good I bought another. :p
A mate has compared the the Ward on a Sightron and does say it's better than the leupold too. Although not as good as the Archer (but then only 1/2 the price) it's really good value.
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Cheers guys I spoke to Clive a while back and he did say z6 not ideal but will work just use powerful ir, was just wondering if any one was actually using this combo to give some feed back, forgot to say the z6 is a 2.5-15x56


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What rifle are you using it on? The Ward 700 didn't work with my Remington 700. Could not cycle the bolt with it mounted on the scope.

r judd

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There will be an improved version very shortly of the ward 800. The improvment is to the housing/clamp area so bolts shouldnt foul on it.
I have 30mm medium optilocks on a t3 and the improvement will eradicate any bolt fouling on the unit.