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For Sale: Warden Digiceptor Rifle Scope +LRF


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As above is for a reluctant sale, as Iv`e had word from the Riflesmith that my new build is in the final stage, so need to raise some funds sooner than expected.
All the specs are on the Night Vision Store website and just waiting confirmation from Clive that the 2 year warranty is transferable to a new owner. It was only used for a few weeks last Sept/Oct during a certain 6 week cull period and then removed, as in all honesty it is too heavy and bulky for my foxing, which is 99% on foot. It is a robust and well built unit and am sure that will not suffer any POI issue, as some have experienced with the Dronepro. There are some in depth and honest reviews on the night vision forum. The Solaris SRX is NOT included in the price.
Looking for £2000 on a as new unit and a saving of £400 on the new price. Clive has conformed that the 2 year warranty is transferable to a new owner.
Digiceptor.jpg Digiceptor 2.jpg Digiceptor 3.jpg Digiceptor and Solaris SRX.jpg
Digiceptor invoice.jpg
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