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I see what you mean Ian, the packaging contradicts the website, the website shows that 30 mm rings will accommodate a 52 mm objective lens but the 1 inch rings will only accommodate up to 42 mm, as long as yours are for 30 mm then I would assume that they should be ok. Looks like a printing error on the packaging to me.

You would also reasonably expect that medium height rings would be suitable for a 50 mm objective lens.
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Hi Ian,
Ive got a 527 with High warne rings and a 56mm objective scope, there is about 3mm clearance.
So with a 50 mm scope you would have 6mm clearance. The difference between medium and high rings is less than 2 mm so you will be fine.
Cheers Steve.


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I also find the barrel profile and length of tube are factors. Short scopes and fat barrels make for higher mounts...

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