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Pete E

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I've just returned home from Midland gamefair with some disturbing news.

It seems the "Big Three" Optics makers have decided to reduce the warranty on all their product ranges to 10 years only!

This information came from the Swarovski UK rep directly who explained this is a joint move by the "Big Three" to reduce their operating costs as keeping spares and technicians trained up on older products was getting too expensive.

Any current Swarovski stock will be continued to be sold with the original 30 year warranty, but as dealers get new stock, these will only have a 10 year warranty.

Some what shocked, I went over to the Zeiss UK stand, and their Rep repeated the same thing virtually word for word..I assume the third company will be Leica but I can't confirm this as they didn't have a stand present. These were not dealers BTW, but actual reps on the Swarovski UK and Zeiss UK trade stands...This info is therefore direct from the horses mouth!

The Swarovski rep also gave me the distinct impression that 10 years after a product had been discontinued, they would no longer be supporting it full stop, as they don't intend to hold spares beyond that time period.

I let both Reps know that I was hugely disappointed at their decisions and the fact they have collaborated to stiff the consumer in this manner. I should add that the RRP of the products has remained the same and not been adjusted lower to help compensate for these changes.

I was looking at get a pair of the new Swaro EL's when they become available after Christmas, but with just a 10 year warranty and the manner this has been done, I very much doubt I will...




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:eek: :confused: well thats a bummer im goin midland 2moro so shall go and shout about it

Pete E

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I hope lots of people will! The Rep was giving me a very nice sales patter about the new EL's (not that I needed much convincing!) but he didn't mention the reduction in the warranty until I brought it up...The conversation then went down hill pretty quick!


That's sad i have a swartz scope on my rifle it is 20 years old and was sent back this year for a check up. I had no real problems and have been very satisfied with the service. But i think people might just have a good look around as the warranty for me has always been what has made the real difference between good and great scopes.

Pete E

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I am pretty sure Lecia is the third company and they will be dropping their warranty to 10 years as well...


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wonder what the yanks will think of that, they have lifetime warrentys but europe doesnt , night force all the way!!!


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Lets look closer at Leupy again, or just get a cheaper nikon and forget about the euro optic hype. They proved years ago that nikon let more light through anyway.
Speaking to a friend recently, who told me he was watching very clearly a buck in the dusk with his 8x42 nikon binos and not seeing a thing with his older 8x56 schmidt scope. Time is moving on.


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Well at the price they charge for their gear one would expect a lifetime guarantee. And to me its overpriced anyway.

That is why I stick with Leupold scopes, they give you a lifetime guarantee, and although I have never had a problem with one yet. I know they honour their guarantee of a lifetime as I had a friend who had a Leupold play up on his 375 H&H and they fixed it and sent it back from the States with no charge, although this was a few years back.


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Lets see how much of a cost saving exercise it is when their sales start to fall.

The mid range manufacturers are offering increasingly more capable optics that now rival those of the leading 3 (4) european companies. The ommision of the lifetime warrenty is sure to hurt them.

The majority of my scopes are Kahles and Leupold and i'd put them up against any similar spec'd Swaro, Leica etc.

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Reduced from thirty to ten, eh.
I'd love to live long enough to take advantage of a thirty year warranty or are they transferrable? in case my grandchildren decide to follow in my footsteps. lol
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