Available: Warthog weekend - 23/09/16 & 09/06/2017


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We fly after work on a Thursday from LHR to Johannesburg landing early Friday morni
ng. Then a short transfer to the luxury lodge near Ellisras. Full board accommodation is £86 a day (excluding alchohol). £999 includes two days hunting.

To make this exceptional value teams of 10 guns are required. Mid week trips and longer trips for smaller groups are also available by arrangement.

Early Satu
rday morning it is off to hunt the Warthogs with two hunters to one professional hunter. The area has not been hunted for 15 years until this year 2016. The hunting is a mixture of walk and stalk, ambush at water holes from hides and long range spotting from vehicles and a follow up stalk. Saturday evening is usually a BBQ along side the fire pit. A whole Impala roast or Warthog roast can be arranged for any special occastions such as a memorable Birthday party.

Sunday morning off again to a new area with a choice of walk and stalk , vehicle spotting followed by stalking and waterhole ambush. Other animals are available by arrangement for example Impala at very good rates (M £100, F £75), Wilderbeest £175, Blesbuck M £125, F £100. Other animals also available for example, Eland and Kudu and others depending on Cull quoto. Quotes can be given when we know dates of the trip. Warthog
behave very simular to Wild Boar and we reccommend a 270 or above calibre.

View attachment 71852 The perfect shot is in the red or the blue.

This is a most fantastic area around the lodge covering 4500 acres with an adjacent hunting area of approx 20,000 acres. Lots of Warthog are available in this area.

Total cost of the trip.
3 Nights full board £86 per night £258
2 Days shooting £999
Share of car hire £50 - assuming team of 4
Total £1307

5 Star Lodge with great food and fantastic friendly service.