Washing cammos.


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For breathable water proof clothes I use TecWash (nikwax) then I wash again with TX Direct (nikwax). This combination restores the qulities of the clothing.

One thing to watch for is never to use biological powders on waterproof clothes. I'd recommend rinsing the bio out of the machine before hand.

Next best thing is pure soap flakes in the wash.



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Don't wash 'em, just brush off the dirt.If they are too dirty I only was them in water, no powder/liquid in the machine.
I have got the wash in nic wax stuff for an army cammo smock.



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I agree with Willie but...............

There does come a point where the accumulated layer of mud, blood and gralloch becomes just too much - especially when you have to go to Tesco on the way home :eek:


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25 degrees, and Tesco naturally delicates washing soap (low odour, no UV brighteners, reasonably kind to the environment).




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Mine are standing up unsupported in the back kitchen yelling at me that there's still a month of roe does. There are whole new life forms evolving in there!

Wash em? Never! Mind you, it does rain quite a bit here!


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thanks for the warning wille
seeing were travelling up to the dog day with you
will bring the clothes pegs :lol: :lol:


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I just use normal handwash stuff followed by about 20 rinses and then a week stuffed in a hedge to get the smell off. Wash about once a year.

Have to use an axe on the water mind!

widows son

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only when she can't stand the smell or ive got too bang them off the wall to get some of the mug of them to bend the legs .


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If you do wash your stalking garments in the washing machine you can forget camouflage as you will be a florescent shade of blue in the eyes of most mammals?


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If you do wash your stalking garments in the washing machine you can forget camouflage as you will be a florescent shade of blue in the eyes of most mammals?
I`ve not heard of that. I wash mine with no powder at all, just a normal 40 degree setting. I don`t have expensive cammos so it`s not as important.


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If I absolutely have to, I lay mine on the yard floor and hose, use a yard broom to shift the hard stuff like blood on the cuffs, then hang overnight next to the carcas.

I have also heard that the colour enhancers in modern powders produce a UV halo which animals can see!

With my old Teckel, if he went AWOL hunting deer I leave my stinky stalking jacket on the ground and go home, he would be in it snug as a bug in the mornng when I went back.


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I've also read the stories about washing camo in modern powder leaving a UV signature that deer can see a mile off. Strangely, most of these stories can be found on the websites of those companies who manufacture UV killers or washes :confused:

I tend to view these in much the same way as the whole Scent-Lok arguments.

What I do know is that my friend and mentor has his cammo washed in the machine and he stalks and guides with great success. Either the deer down here have UV filters in their eyes (like humans) or something doesn't add up.



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Often wondered about the UV argument - in truth we will never know - unless you can speak deer :)

Having just had to wash mine for the first time (jacket was detectable downwind at some distance) I can say that the modern powder does definitely make the clothes brighter - which I think its supposed to do? I'm not sure this is an advantage and I won't be doing it too often.