Waterproof trousers


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I reley on mountain equipment ultrafleece trousers for majority of outdoor activities, topped off with sprayway ,stretchy ,breathable overtrousers when things turn extreamly wet. The combo works very well but I would like some purpose built waterproof hunting trousers that don't "sweat-up" when activity levels increase ,plus keep me dry in the Scottish Highlands. Side/leg pockets and ajustable angles a must....any recomendations?


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no problem scotspine,i have a pair of the avengers but a mate of mine steyr243 has a pair of the falklands and i do prefer the look of them,never let a drop of rain through,he says the falklands are the best trousers he has ever brought.

Pete E

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I've had two sets of Falklands Trousers over the years, and if you don't mind the rather unconventional design of the waist band area, they are a good bit of kit.

I bought the last set earlier this year and noticed they are have switched to a different waterproof liner which seems a bit quieter than the original pair I had.

The outer is a rip stop cotton which is very durable and hard waring.

The trousers are not as quiet as fleece but are pretty good. Initially they were a bit stiff and "scratchy" but they soon soften up with use and washing.

All in all I like them better than my Deer Hunter trousers and providing they retain their waterproofness, I will probably invest in a second set in the near future.

This company also gives a small discount if you are ex Military and their gamefair prices also seem to be a bit cheaper (especially with their special offers) than those on their website...

Another of their products I highly recommend are their pertex Windshirts...Buy one a couple of sizes bigger than you think you need and it makes an excellent windproof but very lightweight & breathable "shell" outer layer...Its not waterproof, but it blocks the wind very effectively and unlike a waterproof outer, it doesn't get you so sweaty and clammy if you are doing some serious work in it...


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Thanks Pete E

They sound just fine so I'll give them a shot.The west Scotland rain and rough terrain will provide a good test for them.


Heym SR20

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I have had for the last ten years a pair of Keela Mountain Salopettes - www.keela.co.uk. Admittadely not camo but black in colour, but wonderfully tough and you can zip them on over boots / crampons etc. (The balck soon changes once you have mud / peat on them).

I have used them most weekends for all sorts of mountain activities for the last ten years including stalking Hinds in blizzards. These combined with a Musto Stalking jacket keep you very comfortable. And they prob have a few more good years left in them.

Keela also do brilliant mountain coats - standard equipement for Mountain Rescue teams, and they do do one in DPM camo for the military.