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In case you want to try:
These icons were made for my Garmin Alpha 100 (Atemos 100 in GB) GPS/dog tracker (I suppose it will work with other Garmin GPS'es with a colour screen) and the PC software Garmin Base Camp.
For some incomprehensible reason the symbols will only sync between the GPS and BaseCamp if they are named as follows:
In the GPS all symbols must be named: Custom * (i.e. Custom 0, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 11, Custom 55 etc.)
In the PC the same symbol must be named: 00* or 0** (i.e. 000, 001, 002, 011, 055).
It took me forever to learn that the naming worked like this. At first, I named the files 00* both in the GPS and BaseCamp but then the symbols failed to synchronise, and I got boring dots when transferring from the Alpha to BaseMap. But when I understood that the symbols should be named differently on the two units the transfers worked perfectly!
Thus, the symbols for the GPS unit can be found in the folder named "Icons for Alpha"
Connect the GPS to the PC through the USB cable a place the Symbols in the folder:
Garmin > CustomSymbols
That is, only the icons, not the "Icons for Alpha" folder.
The Icons for use in the BaseCamp software on the PC, can be found in the "Icons for Base<Camp" folder.
If you want to use the icons in BaseCamp the must be placed in the folder:
This PC > Documents > My Garmin > Custom Waypoints.
That is, only the icons, not the "Icons for BaseCamp" folder.
If any of you want to make your own symbols the following applies:
The symbol files must be 24-bit Windows bitmaps (*.bmp)
The symbols must be 32x32 pixels.
For symbol transparency you must use the colour magenta RGB: 255, 0 ,255.

It seems like it's only possible to have 56 custom symbols.
These waypoints are made by me, and to rid you of any doubt regarding what the symbols are depicting I have made this description:
000 Capercaillie, male
001 Capercaillie, female
002 Black Grouse, male
003 Black Grouse, female
004 Willow Ptarmigan
005 Rock Ptarmigan
006 Hazel Grouse, male
007 Hazel Grouse, female
008 Hazel Grouse, male (variant)
009 Woodcock
010 Wood Pigeon
011 Pheasant
012 Grey Partridge
013 Magpie
014 Hooded Crow
015 Jay
016 Mallard, male
017 Greylag Goose
018 Common Eider, male
019 Teal, male
020 Teal, female (may perhaps be used for most female ducks?)
021 Wigeon, male
022 Canada Goose
023 Mandarin Duck :) If anyone shoots one, let me know how they taste!
024 Hare
025 Fox
026 Beaver
027 Roe Deer
028 Moose
029 Red Deer
030 Reindeer
031 Fallow Deer
032 Wild Boar
033 Bear
034 Mouflon Sheep
035 Badger
036 Stoat
037 Red Squirrel
038 Mink
039 Pine Marten
040 Racoon Dog
041 Lynx
042 Wolverine
043 Wolf
044 Cep
045 Horn of Plenty
046 Black Morels
047 Chanterelle
048 Funnel Chanterelle
049 Hunter in tweed/dog
050 Hunter in tweed
051 Hunter with setter
052 Hunter with dog
053 Hunter in orange
054 Hunter in green
055 Hunter in yellow

I hunt in both Sweden and Norway, thus there are species that not necessarily are legal game in both countries but might be legal in one of them. So, always check the legality of your game before you venture out into the wilderness!


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