We all love dogs ... best puppy and best friend pics thread ? 😁

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Who say's dogs that dogs are dumb! This is my mate Brno when he was six months old, he's now nine. He was left out in the garden and it started raining, my wife found him sitting under the umbrella.

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Brno's predecessor Kaiser as a pup, he grew into a real GWP crocodile not a wuss like Brno pictured above. Here I am reading him a bedtime story, he never did read the book for himself but he sure had a proper hunting attitude.

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My Pal,never had a more stubborn dog, but I adore him (apart from when I’m swearing at him)


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So, pages back I've already posted a picture of my dear departed dog with his younger "brother" who is a sprightly 11 years old now. So now here's the latest addition to the clan. Four weeks old, so still with mummy at present, although mum is my son's dog, so he's already acquainted with us. Both parents are red Labs and, despite the picture he is one of the redder puppies in the litter and I guess he will get a bit darker yet. Anyway, here's Rory.
Rory 4 weeks old.jpg
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