We are blessed


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Just been to Kent to visit our very dear friends, one of whom has recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. God, what an awful thing, in 6 months my old pal has gone from his usual self to a shell who cannot speak, get out of a chair, walk, eat or toilet himself and rides a roller coaster of extreme emotions from extreme laughter to terrible sobbing, triggered by we know not what. We were both totally humbled by how his adoring wife tended to his every need and even now, 4 days later and back in NI we are both on the verge of tears just thinking about how it has all turned out for our dear, dear, pals.
If ever there is a lesson for us all this is it. Enjoy yourselves my friends whilst you can for we know not what tomorrow might bring.
Apologies for dumping on you, just needed to sound off.


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Sorry to hear this. I also know someone with this condition but thankfully his degeneration is happening at a much slower rate & he has managed to achieve a lot over the last couple of years.


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Yes, life can be and is so cruel. Sometimes you go about 'maudling' about what a c#$p day/week your having. Then you see someone much worse of or hear a story like this and it makes you realise things ain't so bad after all. Grasp life....with both hands, it may only be fleeting.


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Aye. I had a close friend who went from 17 stone to 8 in 6 months. I guess luckily it got him fast in the end. RIP Roger. And condolences to you

Uncle f

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No apologies required. It’s a shite old disease indeed and we all have some personal battles with loved ones family or friends or both. This past 18 months or so seems to have taken its toll on all of us one way or another.
Condolences and my thoughts are with you all


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No need to apologise mate...we all need to vent emotions sometimes..and where better to do it than on this forum amongst friends who will understand...chin up mate you are not alone..Hugh


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Spoke to a client today that sadly lost both his parents within 3 days last week.

Married for almost 70 years, both were coming up to their 90s, he just couldnt be without her.

I think I was more upset than him when he told me, but I think hes at peace, as even though he doesnt have them, he knows there together again.

Sorry to hear about your friend, life can be so cruel.


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One of the worst things as we get older we lose so many friends, my uncle just died after a long debilitating illness, his wife faithfully looking after him for years, she died 3 days after him, it's sometimes so hard to find the words to say, such a devotion shown by her, leaves you speechless, so so sad, both in their 90's, yet such a struggle at the end of their lives.
Sometimes we forget the important things in life
, Live it to the full..