Wearite coats?


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I could do with an everyday waterproof, my mate has a wearite cyclone and, for the money, 75 quid, recons it's really good, I see they do one in "wetlands camo", does anybody have any experience of them?


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We use the Wearite leggings for beating (and strimming), so can only speak for the fabric.

They have lasted long enough to fray along the bottom...14 odd years.

I did manage to tear one of them last year but they are pretty tough generally.

Mine do get wet, especially if I haven't re-proofed them recently. But it is on the outside layer, the wet doesn't come through to my trousers and they do dry out quick.

They have been much more useful than the wax cotton over trousers. Much lighter and flexible, and more comfortable from breathability. They are good for windproofing and quiet.

Brother in law always wears one of their jackets for beating and has always spoken highly of it.



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Back in the 80's tony of Moonraker knives used to bring them by the load to shoots when beating. We all bought the jackets and leggings and they really took some beating not only for the wear but the price too.
I still have one of their jackets and it is as wind and waterproof as when I bought it even if the inner arms do look a bit worse for wear.
I also have one of their Tweed jackets and on a shoot day that looks as good as some of the other jackets costing three times as much.


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I'm having trouble getting in touch with them, I've sent a couple of emails and had no reply and the phone number doesn't seem to work?


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I've had one in Advantage Wetlands cammo for a very long time, and it's still the first one I pick up. I was out all morning on Saturday in it.
A sort of canvas outer, it was then, but not sure about the recent ones.


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Spoke them today, eventually!! They no longer make any camo stuff and are reducing their range, a bit gutted as I really wanted a wetlands one, I think I'll still get one but it'll be the cyclone.


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They no longer make any camo stuff and are reducing their range, a bit gutted as I really wanted a wetlands one,
About the only thing I've seen to compare with the one that I have is the Sportchief, but I don't think that has a drip strip. US stuff can cope with the cold, but not wet and cold.
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