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I'm looking at buying my first rifle for deer stalking. from reading the forum i have seen lots of manufacturers mentioned but change my mind on daily basis.

i would be interested in opinions on the Weatherby Vanguard and the package offered by Garlands with 6x42 Zeiss scope etc etc.

thank you.

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I think you will find that most rifles thes days will shoot well enough 'off the shelf' and with a decent scope (and a Zeiss 6x42 is decent enough!) will serve you just fine. You will see from various threads on the site that each and everyone of us has an opinion on calibre, rifle, scope, moderator, blah, blah blah.... All the views are entirely personal and equally valid (apart from the nutters who think the Blaser is a proper rifle :lol: ).
If you are buying a package from a dealer you shouldn't have too much to worry about and I would be entirely candid about your situation - they don't have much interest in upsetting customers, especially in the current economic climate. Again, reading the various threads you will see that members have varying experiences with different dealers. Obviously if you have an experienced and trusted friend to advise it would help.
If you posted your general area I suspect there may be someone on here that could give you more direct advice/support.


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novice217 said:
i would be interested in opinions on the Weatherby Vanguard and the package offered by Garlands with 6x42 Zeiss scope etc etc.

The Weatherby Vanguard is the same barreled action as a Howa by a different name, you will struggle to find anybody that has a bad thing to say about them.

Best rgds


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As has been said before - spend the money on the optics and you won't get better than a Zeiss 6x42, or Svarovski or Schmidt and Bender of the same power. Will do every thing you ever want out of a scope - plenty powerful enough to take any deer out to 250 yds, but equally not too powerful when that buck jumps ut 20yds in front of you and in low light will be very bright. OK poss not the scope to be choosing which eye of a rabbit you are going to try and put a bullet through at 300 yds, but with my 6x42 have happily shot foxes with 243 out to 200 yds and neve felt under scoped.

Of the above three brands - probably interchageable and depends one waht you can get a deal on.

Reticle is important - Go for a German No 4 - thick out posts - useful in low light, and fine centre wires (and make sure they are quite fine). I would steer away from post reticles or large centre dots as whist fine on short range targets, tend to cover up a bit too much on longer range stuff.

Don't scimp on scope mounts though - probably the biggest source of problems in a rifle. If you don't know how to mount a scope properly then get the help of somebody who does to help you do it correctly.

Most guys who use variables stick them at 6 power and leave them there, and you pay double the price for a variable.

Wetherby's have long had a reputation of being good solid accurate rifles.

Choosing a rifle is a personal thing - go with what feels comfortable and natural to you - if it feels correct and like an extension of yourself then thats the right rifle for you.

I don't think you will have any bother with your chosen package.

Calibre - 243, 270, 6.5x55, 308, 30-06 - all will go bang and all will kill deer just as dead out to 200 yards. OK one might shoot 1 inch flatter, kick a bit harder and knock a beast over skin it, dress it out and carry it back to the larder for you, whilst with another the deer may run 20 or even 60 yards before falling dead, but at the end of the day all will get the job done on any UK deer species, provide you put the bullet in the correct place. And if you didn't know which calibre you were shooting, I would suspect most of s would have quite a hard job in telling one from another in the field.


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Good rifle, 308 would be a good all round caliber. Important is to fire many many shots on a range at the beginning to get used to the bang and recoil. One gets cheap ammo for the 308. A 165gr bullet out of a 308 will just about knock anything off its feet.
Have a close look at what options you have with stocks. A good stock can and probably will transform a rifle. That scope sounds good too.


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I agree with the last three posts and I would add a sound moderator to save the ears and the shoulder especially if a lightweight rifle.

Have fun



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novice 217

remember to keep a fair bit back for a good set of bino's (dont skimp on these) like you scope get good ones to start with and they will last for a long time .......neil

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Griffshrek - fully agree:

In order of importance and thus spend

1) Bino's - so you can find your quarry - Swarovski. Zeiss, Leica - you will use your Bino's far more than anything else.

2) Scope - If can't afford German / Austrian then Leupold or Meopta

3) Scope Mounts

4) Rifle


well that settled it for me, thank you all. most helpful.

i have just put a deposit down one, 25-06, up graded the scope to a 8x56 for an extra £50 with Warne mounts and added an Ase Ultra Jet z compact moderator.

can't pick it up until monday, so have booked in a shooting day on tuesday!.

thanks again.


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Good choice by the sounds of it . You won't be disapointed with the Jet z.
Keep us all posted on the new investment and some pics
Happy hunting


picked the rifle up last monday, zeroed it etc, and shot my first fallow buck at about 110 metres on tuesday.

it was a beauty! well i thought so!

Apart from the very heavy trigger, it all seems good.

Not too confident yet about doing the trigger myself so my local gunsmith has it at the moment.

thanks for the advice everyone.