Wee buck

Up in the borders this weekend ,

Walks out of caravan and a slow walk up the forest track to get to a ride with a gulley running thru it . Thought I'd sit on the side of the gulley for a bit n glass about , I'm nice and comfy sat down( forget my sticks, they are back in the truck doh!!!lol,) r Mack lay beside me .I thought I'd give a few pips on the buttallo ,

Bleddy hell 2 mins after the calling a wee buck comes out of the ride directly afacing me ,

A quick shout stopped him.in his tracks, and a freee hand shot at bout 50 yds dropped him where he stood , and a nice wee 3 pointer is in the bag

My old battle scarred browning Abolt in 308, does the biz again

Tenderloin with super noodles for yesterday's tea lol



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Can't beat the Abolt. Superb rifles! I have a Hunter in .270 and wouldn't part with it for love nor money
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