Weekend away

Last weekend away for a wee while,cover gonny be way too high & midgies a nightmare.
Successful time, 3roe bucks & 2 sika stags.
Called in one of the roe bucks, driving up forestry road & it crossed large ride 250 yards up.stopped & decided to give the buttalo a try.
Couple minutes & he was back out trees & heading down towards me, tasting as he was doing so,didn’t want to use it too much & put him off,so waited till he stopped about 150 yards & dropped him with neck shot.bit early, but worked a treat🦌.
One of the other bucks was a 300 yard chest shot which dropped instantly to the .270, right in amongst new planted Sitka spruce(which I have never seen them eating🤷‍♂️)watched a sika hind pulling a couple of branches of them at weekend ( 6 foot trees)went & checked once they were away & couple wee bits lying on ground.
Considering we had mist for nearly a full day, we had a successful time.


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