weihrauch HW 60 J .222 centrefire

Offroad Gary

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anybody got or used one? i've just agreed to buy one, should be delivered to my rfd today :D

look under products, hunting repeaters.


the scudd

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hi bucksden,my mate has one well made rifle and very accurate,the only thing he doesn,t like is the trigger, he finds it a bit too light.but any gunsmith will sort that out.
cheers.the scudd


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I had one a few years back in 222.

Good wee rifle BUT I had TWO broken firing pins, I bought from new and when the 2nd one broke I replaced the pin and traded it in.

I hadn't fired many rounds through it. I was very disapointed as it was a nice little rifle.

Offroad Gary

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it finally arrived yesterday due to snow etc. looks good, just need variation now so i can take it out and test it.

Offroad Gary

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picked up ticket and gun thursday. fitted scope, stuck a box of ammo through it. good trigger, very accurate,lovely little rifle, wouldnt bloody eject and not threaded 1/2 unf as stated by owner.

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

gun now on way back to owner.

carefull when buying guns of internet forums, luckily didnt pay up front :D

love the calibre, now looking for another one