Wanted: Welder/Fabricator/Allrounder.


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Bit of a long shot, but worth asking.
I'm looking for a welder fabricator to work at my yard near Rugby.
Our work is predominantly the repair and refurbishment of steel narrow boat hulls.
Most welding is MMA IN THE overhead, horizontal and vertical.
Not the easiest of welding or fabricating working to what is left of an existing structure.
Work is outside or under simple cover due to the size of the boats. Up to 70ft long.
All equipment provided along with site facilities.
I'm open to a contractor who wants some regular work, but would need to be dependable. Or full time.
I would consider training someone who was both keen and dependable.
My current man is retiring after nearly 12 years with me. He only came for 2 days!
If interested please get in touch for contact details.


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I'd be up for that but I've just moved from Warwick so the distance would be the issue. One of my ex work colleagues used to build barges, he is currently furloughed from my old place, I could reach out to him if you like? Pm me your details if you're interested and I'll pass them on.