Well done 270wsm


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Have not had the chance to thank 270wsm but about 3 weeks ago my underkeeper ,Robkeeper from the site , and I drove down to south wales to pick up 2 GWP pups. Had a good day and met a great chap in 270wsm and his lady wife who had kept the 2 pups for an extra week while we had a client here. The pups settled down for the drive home of around 6 hours and at south mimms we stopped to let them out. Then back in the motor and home by 9.00pm. Not one sickness, mess, pee or squeek all the way home and they have settled in very well. Without doubt the smartest pup I have ever had and is going to be an interesting one to train.

Something normally happens when Rob and I go anywhere and this time was no exception. A chap thrust a flyer into our hands as we parked outside the house , it was advertising a Kabab shop with a delivery charge of £2.00 if you are more than 3miles away. We thought that sounded good and felt a bit peckish when we got back to Norfolk so Rob gave him a ring. All was well until he asked for the post code and when it dawned on him that it would be a 500 mile round trip he put the phone down on us. Obviousely he did not what the work:D

Anyway thanks to 270wsm for his help and for the pups.

As said before some wonderful freinds and contacts to be made on this site.

Thanks again


Sorry to hear you didn't get your kebab, but the upside of it is we haven't had anymore flyers pushed through the door, we usually get one a week from the same shop.

Glad to hear that the pups have settled in and are doing well. Keep us updated on their progress and send some photo's.

It was great meeting you and Rob and thank you for the comments, they are very much appreciated.